Military Hovercraft

Hovercraft will accomplish any task performed by a fast boat, but will also operate where no boat can venture. Over land and sea mines, sand, mud, ice, snow, rocks, weeds, logs, debris and rapids they are not restricted by suitable water depths. They are successfully used for offensive operations, humanitarian aid, logistics and security roles.

IKSHU’s by diesel powered, marine grade ductile aluminium hull are built to meet specific user requirements. Our users have operated in active warzones such as the Royal Marines in Iraq, to combating insurgency and narco-terrorists with the Peru and Colombian Navies in the rivers of dense South American jungle, and conducting border security operations with the Indian Coastguard.

Amphibious Operations

Hovercraft offer effective, fast and direct movement of capabilities across transitional, unknown environments under enemy control.

Logistics & Humanitarian Aid

Hovercraft deliver vehicles, personnel and supplies in high volume quickly over damaged environments that boats cannot lift and helicopters cannot land in to respond to disasters and save lives.

Coastal & Littoral Patrol Hovercraft

Hovercraft allow for users to operate in low infrastructure environments, ensuring the protection of lives and nullify illegal operations in the most remote areas of environmental transition.

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